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A system of logical instructions that an automaton can carry out and which causes the automaton to perform some organized task is called a code.

― John von Neumann, The Computer and the Brain

We create code, we are passionate about it and we are good at it. We believe coding is simple, but creating simple code is hard. Our team is committed in finding the hardest challenges and solving them with elegant solutions. Our users love our work and our clients love our passion.


We love what we do, and we do it together.

We are always excited about innovating and finding new solutions to old problems. Our in-depth technical understanding helps us in picking the best viable combination of frameworks and platforms that works best for a given software requirement. Technology is at its golden age. There are new platforms and frameworks emerging every other day, we make sure we stay upto date with all of them and implement them in our projects where it makes most sense to do so.

We might be brand new, but certainly not old school.

Bringing out the desired results for our clients and pulling off a smooth project development experience calls for the dedication and hard work of a multi-disciplinary team with a single goal in focus. We are a close-knit team determined to find the simplest solutions to the most complicated requirements so that we can deliver products that are better optimized, secure, and reliable for our end-users. Our powerful insights in the software industry help our clients arrive at the best market strategy and find the perfect product market fit. With round-the-clock support and rapid-response times in project management, we ensure timely feedback and iterations for the successful completion of our projects.

Our Team

Yahya Luqman

Yahya Luqman


A full-stack web and mobile application developer with a great passion for technology and software development, Yahya has been coding since a young age and has 5+ years experience in building various production apps for small and medium-sized businesses. As the head of technology at Caprimul, he oversees the development of all our projects.

Nidha Lamees

Nidha Lamees

Project Manager

Nidha handles the Project Management at Caprimul. She is an ardent team-player, coordinating between ends and is the word of Caprimul in delivering our projects in the best possible way within the best possible time. With an eye for detail, she invests herself in understanding the client requirements, transforming it into a project plan, coordinating with our dev team and delivering the product on time.

Ron Vincent

Ron Vincent

Head of Marketing, Taret

Being extremely curious from a very young age, Ron has been working on various projects while simultaneously being a musician, both as a singer-songwriter & producer. During his college days co-founded & built a full-fledged freelance media agency; post-college co-founded Planks Tailored Furniture and Caprimul with Yahya. Ron currently works as head of marketing for Taret by Caprimul; while simultaneously heading the R&D team at Planks.