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Coached is a platform where senior college students and fresh graduates can find mentorship under professionals working in top companies. The mentors help them in career planning, skill training and exploring new opportunities in the industry. The web app acts as a hub for mentors to track the progress of their mentees, assign them tasks, plan meetings, conduct tests, review performance, share resources and much more. Coached is a large project comprising many small modules and is rich in both data and functionality.


When it came to selecting the tech stack, graphql was the first name on the list. The large number of data types and different access rights to multiple types of users meant that we would have to write loads of similar APIs if we had adopted a REST based architecture instead. Graphql saved us a lot of time during API development and when paired with Vuex’s excellent state management in the front end, it ensured minimum load on the servers, thus helping our clients save significantly on server costs.


Eduguidance Consultancy Pvt Ltd - the company behind Coached, is a relatively young startup who are constantly reinventing to best serve their users and maximize the potential outcome of their platform. MongoDB equipped us to quickly navigate through these changes without breaking too many apis. It being a nosql database, we did not have to run migrations every time the data structure changed and new fields were added without any extra effort. The server code was written with Typescript - a type safe variant of JavaScript, on a Nodejs runtime and containerised with docker for easy deployment and auto-scaling.

The front-end was developed with server side rendered Vuejs called Nuxt. Since a significant part of the project was static that had to be indexed by search engines, server side rendering was a very important requirement. The site also featured multiple animations built with vanilla JavaScript and CSS. We used vercels excellent global edge network to deliver the front end code with inbuilt support for SSL encryption, asset compression and cache invalidation.

Most of the UI components were developed with Vuetify and the rest were custom built to stay in line with the UI design provided to us by the client. Vuetify helped us further reduce the development time in a project where the requirements rapidly evolved with new features being added every month.

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