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Localisation is a crucial part of any app that aims to deliver its services to a population that speaks many different languages. If one of these languages happens to be Arabic, it introduces a tedious and complex problem in app development - support for right to left user interface elements. This was the hurdle we set out to overcome while developing


Lenoajar is a simple gifting app for the web. Under the hood, it’s a standard e-commerce software with all its bells and whistles. It had everything a modern e-commerce software should have in the year 2020, including but not limited to, product management with unlimited product support, order management, order fulfilment, drivers app, discount coupons, analytics, charts, reports, integrated influencer and B2B channels, gift card rendering and WhatsApp integration. With a plethoric feature list and the need to develop both LTR and RTL versions of the entire UI, we had to find the perfect stack of technology that optimises the development pace while not compromising on its performance, security and stability.


We, at Caprimul, love Firebase. It is a perfect cloud platform provider for small and medium-sized businesses to get up and running their online business quickly. They provide instant access to an authentication framework with world-class security, a highly performant and autoscaling real-time database engine and a hosting service built on Google's server infrastructure, among many other things. What all this means is that we could focus on the apps business logic and trust firebase to take care of the rest.

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Vuejs is our go-to front end framework for anything web. It not only has everything a modern front end framework needs but also lets us use vuetify - an excellent material design components library with inbuilt support for language internalisation and translations to 41 different languages. Vue is fast, feature-rich and just 20KB in size. It supports redux based state management framework called vuex, an excellent progressive web app template, a server-side rendering framework called nuxt, support for jamstack deployment and extensive tooling for debugging, profiling and benchmarks.


Within just 6 months from launch, our client has made 10x their total investment with 0 bugs or crashes to date.