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Telemedicine is the application of technology (computers/smart devices, internet, telecommunication) that enables medical professionals to provide virtual healthcare services to patients in remote locations.

When Canley Digital Healthcare Ltd, a London based telemedicine startup, approached us with their requirement, they stressed on the rising significance of telemedicine in the next generation of tech-driven healthcare, and we couldn’t agree more.


Canley’s solo product Okdok was then a 2-year-old software platform with applications for both doctors and patients that facilitates medical diagnosis over the internet. They had run a successful launch campaign of their product with features like HD video calling, encrypted medical records, secure delivery of medical prescriptions, comprehensive doctor profiling etc. However, their client-side applications needed an overhaul to improve their speed, stability, user interface, platform integration and general availability. That’s where Caprimul came into the picture.


Flutter was an obvious choice for us from the very beginning. The cross-platform nature meant that we could spend more time per feature, improving their performance and architecture with the help of flutter’s excellent profiling and benchmarking tools. We used Bloc patterns to stay in line with Flutter’s best practices of the time. Our efforts rewarded us with a near-constant 60fps frame rate across all pages, on every platform for every device size and configuration we tested on.

For post publish benchmarks and crash reports, we used firebase performance monitoring and crashlytics. Our constant monitoring and timely responses to crashes ensured a delightful experience for Okdok’s 5000+ monthly active users.

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In the world of user interface design, there is no right or wrong way to do something. But a good design can make or break an application's success in the long run. As a software company, we do not claim to be the best designers of software, but we make it a point to exactly match the design given to us, pixel by pixel so that we don’t make you compromise on your vision of what your software is going to look like for the end user.


The folks at Canley had a great idea of conducting a user interface design competition whose winning entry would ultimately be the design for the OKDOK app. The final design that got selected and later sent to us, was so identical to our final implementation that it was hard to tell them apart when placed alongside. Ultimately, the UI was well-received by all stakeholders and boosted both user engagement and adoption.


As the pandemic was running rampant and forced us all into our homes, people resorted to video calls to connect with family, friends, co-workers and even doctors. Video streaming had become the most important technology of the time and applications like Zoom and Google Meet were hitting an all-time high traffic and marked record growth. Building a medical application during this incredibly difficult time, we knew that we had to implement the best quality for our video streaming tech to provide the best experience for our users and indeed that’s what we did. We used Vonage’s industry-leading VoIP infrastructure with iOSs CallKit and Androids ConnectionService APIs to deliver a seamless video calling experience with high definition video and voice streaming. One of our App Store reviews said - “Very high quality interaction with my GP, would highly recommend.”


This review was a testament to all the hard work our team put into ensuring that we deliver the best application for our client.